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My love for burning firewood started when I was just a kid. Everyone likes tossing a log on the fire or just poking at it with a stick.

Now that some time has passed, quite a bit actually, the enjoyment of burning firewood has become something more, something I would like to share - creating a similar experience for you and those you care about.

Nothing compares to the atmosphere of fire, the sound the smell and warmth a fire provides allows us a moment of pause as we take the time enjoy the things around us.

Whether it’s sitting outside around the fire pit or a cozy fire in the fireplace we have the right product for your needs.

Lets ensure future generations can experience the enjoyment tossing another log on the fire. Our firewood will give you a successful, consistent fire; we strive to offer clean seasoned firewood for all your needs.


From the Fire Tonight Bag that includes everything you need to have a great fire right out of the bag, to any quantity of firewood that is right for you, we’ve got you covered.

Sincerely Yours,

Michael Schloss

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